Paris Pastry

1448 Westwood Boulevard
Los Angeles
CA 90024
1 (310) 474 8888

As a European in LA, I am so glad to have found a corner of Europe right here on my doorstep.

Paris Pastry is quintessentially French. I have been in places like this before in streets beginning with the word rue. I have drunk café au lait like this before into which I have dipped fresh pain au chocolat like these before, but typically besides the banks of the Seine.

The croissant is authentic, the French sticks quite French, the petits fours perfect and, perhaps in deference to the occasional Englishman, even the sausage rolls smack of authenticity.

In addition to the wonderful pastries, breads and cakes, the staff are always delightful and serve their customers with good humour and a smile.

It’s worth a drive.