Is French Cuisine?

Once again, I came together with a great friend and decided to try something new. Both of us had been thinking about French food for a while and with Julie & Julia coming out, it seemed … [more]

Café Laurent

I have just tasted the most amazing almond croissant and in the process fallen in love with a delightful little French cafe in Culver City, CA. Café Laurant is just the kind of place where a cook … [more]

Paris Pastry

As a European in LA, I am so glad to have found a corner of Europe right here on my doorstep. Paris Pastry is quintessentially French. I have been in places like this before in streets beginning with … [more]

Galvin Bistro De Luxe

A beautiful French eating experience, and the best in London at present. The menu is without fault, even for my quirky taste. It is surprising how many people will tackle a whole crab when it is on … [more]

French Herbed Mushroom Potage

A warming winter soup best served with a good crusty, sourdough bread. [more]


Mirepoix is the French term for a combination of onions, carrots and celery. Sometimes ham or bacon is added. Other ingredients such as leeks, parsnips, garlic, tomatoes, shallots, mushrooms, peppers … [more]

Le Gavroche

Old-school French restaurant located in London and run by second-generation owner and chef Michel Roux, Jr. http://www.le-gavroche.co.uk/ [more]

Paris Pastry

This is the place I go to for authentic French cream-filled chocolate eclairs. Yum. We also buy their white loafs every week. It has just the right combination of crispy crust with a soft yielding … [more]

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