Stonehouse California Olive Oils

(800) 865-4836

I’ve always been skeptical of flavored olive oils as over priced extravagances, but every once in a while one comes across my kitchen counter that is worth cost. Imagine my surprise when I found three. It’s so hard to choose.

1) Extra Virgin Persian Lime

2) Extra Virgin Lisbon Lemon

3) Extra Virgin Blood Orange

What I love about these infused oils is that citrus flavor comes out full and strong without being too bold. They are great for salad dressings as they bring a unique taste that mixes beautifully with quality vinegars.

They’re based in Berkeley, CA. Give them a call and tell them GreatGrub sent you. Maybe they’ll start offering a discount for our community. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Re: Stonehouse California Olive Oils

Stonehouse oils are terrific for grilled fish. My favorite is the lime.

btw - If you are in S.F. you can get them at the Ferry Building which is one of my favorite places to shop.

Re: Stonehouse California Olive Oils

My friend Miura gave us a bottle of this olive oil as a gift; she was turned on by her mom Sondra who is a fantastic cook as well. I’ve never received more compliments on a salad with dressing using Stonehouse Olive Oil. The Persian Lime is my favorite flavor.