olive oil

A Taste of Sicily (arnos grove style)

I’d decide to stay. It was a risk I was willing to take for the greater good. I’m not a fan of fish, never have been, not since I ate an anchovy stuffed olive by accident when I was five. 21 … [more]

Pasta with garlic, olive oil and broccoli

If you read any of my recipes, you know that I am all about comfort food and simple, easy dishes. This is just about as simple and tasty as they come. They key to this dish is using an excellent … [more]

Bay Cities Italian Deli and Bakery

This is an authentic italian deli, the only one I’ve found on the west side of LA. They make fresh italian bread on the premises — when you go, you can always pick up loaves that are hot … [more]

A passion for Italy and olive oil.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Europe for work and more often than not have let my stomach drag me to the kitchen to investigate recipes. I love meeting people and food is a great bonding tool. … [more]

Stonehouse California Olive Oils

I’ve always been skeptical of flavored olive oils as over priced extravagances, but every once in a while one comes across my kitchen counter that is worth cost. Imagine my surprise when I … [more]

Butter for saute

If you do not have clarified butter when a recipe calls for high-heat saute cooking, substitute olive oil for ¼ of the whole butter. The higher smoke point of the olive oil will help prevent the … [more]

Storing olive oil

Olive oil is best fresh pressed and is not a product that benefits from aging. So if you happen to live next to olive grove your golden. For everybody else there are four basic precautions that will … [more]

Using Olive Oil: good or cheap?

To use the good olive or the cheap olive, that is the question. A general rule of thumb is to reserve the expensive olive oils for dishes that don’t expose them to high heat. In those cases use … [more]

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