The Santa Monica Farmer's Market Cookbook

You don’t have to live in Santa Monica to enjoy this wonderful cookbook that captures the fresh spirit of farmer’s market and translates that into simple, seasonal, easy and fun recipes.

The produce that has become popular at this one-of-a-kind market is now finding it’s way to grocery stores around the country. So you won’t be left out when you see a recipe calling for Cara Cara oranges or Meyer lemons. And most important is that Saltsman takes great care to provide recipes such as Braised Artichokes, Black Cod with Green Tomatoes and Salmon with Creamy Watercress which call for widely available ingredients that can be readily sourced from just about any market.

But the recipes are only one great reason to buy this book. Saltsman is also preaching a philosophy that is very much inline with the GreatGrub approach to cooking while also providing a guide that includes basic kitchen techniques, crops by season and much more that will bring you in tune with the rich spirit of the farmer’s market.

“Amelia’s book is really three volumes in one: gleanings from the culture of farming; a guide to produce, meats and cheese found at this extraordinary market, and a great cookbook.” Deborah Madson

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