Doing it Alone

You’ve always been sociable, enjoying, with your partner, the preparation of great meals and the pleasure you get from sharing a good gastronomic evening with friends. But what if something … [more]

The Complete Guide to Kitchen Design With Cooking in Mind

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Are your about to spend a small fortune and want to ensure that your new kitchen functions as well as it looks? Then regardless of whether or not you are … [more]

The Modern Mixologist: Tony Abou-Ganim

What do we look for in a cookbook? In no particular order, I might suggest a good recipe, inspiration, permission to be creative and, importantly, entertainment. With that in mind, if you are going … [more]

How's Your Drink?

Etymology of the cocktail Eric Felten’s How’s Your Drink? Cocktails, Culture, and the Art of Drinking Well may be the single most important book on the subject of cocktails to emerge in … [more]

The Food Snob's Dictionary: An Essential Lexicon of Gastronomical Knowledge

Now you too can show off like a seasoned snob in the the finest restaurants. It used to be all one needed was an attitude and a working knowledge of the French language to show off in a great … [more]

Everyday Chinese Cooking

I’ll never forget my first foray into Chinese cooking — hours of chopping followed my minutes of frantic frying. So I’ll be the first to admit that I was little skeptical of a book … [more]

The Naked Chef Takes Off

Okay, So I’m guessing most people have heard the name Jamie Oliver, but you never know. He’s got an interesting story, lots of character and hard work. Check out his site if you want, … [more]

Jacques Pepin's Complete Techniques

This is a must have for your kitchen library collection. This standard for all professional and kitchen gourmets, creates a base of skills that you will find in almost every cookbook or cooking … [more]

Everybody Eats There: the fabulous world of celebrity restaurants

Few of us are lucky enough to travel the world eating in the celebrity packed restaurants where the meal is just one part of the grand dining experience. I can’t even get the reservations. … [more]

On Food and Cooking

If you are a curious person like I am and ask alot of questions, this is the book for you. No longer do I get shrugged off by “chefs” that give you a shallow answer to things they … [more]

Vintage spirits & forgotten cocktails

What I love best about this book is learning about the history of the cocktail. Ted Haigh who is better known as Dr. Cocktail approaches his subject as if he were archaeologist and the result is a … [more]

The United States of Arugula by David Kamp

David Kamp gets into the heart of the revolution that has changed the culinary landscape and traces the transformation that took us from “overcooked vegetables and scary gelatin salads of your … [more]

Larousse Gastronomique

This comprehensive French culinary encyclopedia was first published in 1938 and has been the standard bearer ever since. Any serious chef will have a copy for handy reference. I find it a useful … [more]

The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks by David Embury

Originally published in 1948. The sage advice would be not to trust any bartender that does not have this bible under his counter. Although much has changed in the world of fine spirits, the basic … [more]

Don't Try This At Home: Culinary Catastrophes from the World's Greatest Chefs

I enjoyed reading this collection of catastrophes from famous chefs. It not so much that the titans of cooking are reduced to our humble level as it is the shear joy of cooking that seeps through … [more]

Real Cooking by Nigel Slater

Nigel Slater is up there with my favourite chefs. We share similar values when it comes to food, specifically don’t overdo the ingredients and keep things simple (sounds familiar to GreatGrub … [more]

It Must've Been Something I Ate by Jeffrey Steingarten

This is Jeffery Steingarten’s follow up book to The Man Who Ate Everything and as much as I enjoyed the first book, I have to admit I like the follow up better. Steingarten is as smart as he is … [more]

The Man Who Ate Everything by Jeffrey Steingarten

Jeffrey Steingarten is one of the funniest food writers around. But don’t let the comedy fool you, for Steingarten is also one of the smartest food writers around. His writing style is fresh … [more]

The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World

Forget everything you think you know about organic farming, your relationship to the food chain, nature and evolution. Michael Pollan’s book is an eye opener written with a farmer’s flair … [more]

Everyday Thai Cooking: Quick and Easy Family Style Recipes

In Everyday Thai Cooking, Katie Chin—a chef hailed as the “Asian Rachel Ray” by her many fans—shares her recipe secrets along with tips, tools, and techniques that enable you to easily bring … [more]

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