Moroccan Lamb

Tonight, I wanted to make lamb. I had never attempted to before, but had tasted it several times at Indian restaurants. So, I searched and came across a Moroccan lamb dish that was fairly easy and sounded delicious.

It was sweet and savory, and one of my guests said it reminded her of Christmas. This, I think, was due to the cinnamon I added. It was, by far, more appetizing than I had expected. I’m not sure what I had expected, actually. I’m not very experienced with Moroccan dishes, so when I see them I think of Indian food, with which I am more experienced and looks similar. So, I saw the finished product and tasted spicy, flavorful lamb that stained your fingers yellow.

Well, it was very flavorful, but in a different way. It had prunes and apricots, ginger and cinnamon, tomato paste and onion. The flavors melded together better than I could have imagined. It was topped with chopped almonds. So, as I ate I kept thinking that I had undercooked the rice, until I remembered the nuts. My 9 month-old loved it! Although, there isn’t much she doesn’t love right now. All in all, I will be searching for a cheaper place to buy lamb, which shouldn’t be too hard to do here, and experimenting with more lamb. Any suggestions?

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Lamb is beautiful, true. A lot of meats are beautiful. Just remember where you buy it! You write you will be looking for a cheaper place to buy it. Usually, the cheaper the meat, the worse life the animal had! I am not a vegetarian, not at all, but I am careful which meat I buy. I rather spend a bit more and get meat of animals who got a good life. it makes the taste better as well, when the animal had space and waalked in the meadows! Enjoy!, Rene

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I agree with Rene’s comment whole-heartedly. The good thing about slow-roasts is that you can use cheaper cuts of lamb, beef or pork that need to be cooked for hours. Often, these cuts produce the tastiest dishes!

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