Is French Cuisine?

Once again, I came together with a great friend and decided to try something new. Both of us had been thinking about French food for a while and with Julie & Julia coming out, it seemed appropriate. So, we planned the whole day. Well, day and a half. We decided to make classic Coq Au Vin, lemon-roasted green beans and chocolate mousse for dessert. I can’t communicate the excitement.

The chicken has to marinate overnight, so she brought the wine (for the marinade, although we did taste) and we made the mousse ahead of time. Our excitement grew and our cooking turned into a conversation that lasted until 3 AM.

The movie was delightfully charming, funny, heart-warming and tear-jerking all at once. But most importantly, it was inspiring. We came back to deliciously smelling chicken and a mousse that had firmed up perfectly in the fridge.

After we sat down to dinner, there were no words, just “mmm’s” and “Wow!’s” I can easily say that I have never had better food in my life. I know that there is a lot of tension between the French and America, but we owe them a lot for their food! The chicken was perfectly moist and tender and tasted of the Pinot Noir it had marinated in. The wild mushrooms had an earthy flavor that complimented the lemon and almonds in the green bean side dish. The pearl onions were sweet and delicate. The memory of that dish will last me a long time.

Dinner was finished with my new favorite dessert, chocolate mousse. I got the recipe from this site actually and it was easy and delicious! I did learn a few things about egg whites on the way. In the end, I thought that when asked, “What is your favorite cuisine/kind of food?” my answer would be, “French.” Then I thought, does that count? Do bacon, butter and wine qualify as a cuisine in America? Usually, people say Chinese, Mexican or Indian, but French? Well, whether it qualifies or not, it’s my favorite. Next on the menu, Boeuf Bourguignon.

Re: Is French Cuisine?

Hi… thanks for sharing this story. It’s inspiring and uplifting.

Sounds to me like you are simply a lover of food, irrespective of the label it carries.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter where the food originates… if you have good ingredients that work well together, then you have great grub.

Can’t wait to hear about the bourguignon! Good luck.

Re: Is French Cuisine?