Andrew Sachs
Los Angeles, United States

Everything in moderation, including moderation.

I would love to have the CEO of a major oil company fill my tank with gas. Then I would really get a chance to rant!

It’s an excellent rant! I couldn’t agree more. If the farmers sell their produce themselves, then who tends the produce? If we follow this peculiar logic, then next time I buy gas for my car, I want the Chairman of Big-Multi-National-Oil-Conglomerate to fill my tank.

A few weeks ago the LA times wrote an article in the food section bemoaning the success of farmers markets because the farmers no longer had the time to sell and they were hiring people to man the stands. Apparently the food tastes better when you can see the hand that grew it. And god forbid there should be anything but food sold at the market. Then this week they publish an article where to find the best farmers markets in town.

They are missing the point. The best farmers market is your neighborhood farmers market. That’s where I run into my neighbors, my kids run into their schoolmates and if they love jumping in the bouncy house while I buy veg from people who know a lot about veg then I say we are all better off — including the farmer who’s busy growing more organic veg!

How’s that for a good old -fashioned rant?

I guess that doesn’t work yet. Hmnnn.

I can’t wait to see your four-minute egg recipe. I wonder how it may vary from mine.

I have known too many miserable and angry chefs…and I keep asking myself…why do they continue doing it?? I have a few stories…maybe one day I will be brave enough to share some with the greatgrub community…:>)

Okay - Today! Really I’m going to do it. I have some great pictures already to go.

Okay, I have yet to add my 4 minute egg recipe. But today is the day!

Today I am going to add a recipe for the 4 minute egg. It’s the simplest recipe around, but it took me a while to figure out that I had to get the water boiling first. Silly but true.