Andrew Sachs
Los Angeles, United States

Everything in moderation, including moderation.

Just arrived back in London where the tap water is so good. I think I’ll bottle some and send it over.

Hats off to Alice Waters for leading the charge to bring back good old fashioned tap water to restaurants. Forget the huge markup (which drives me nuts) for bottled water, Water’s is reminding us to eat local. Why pay the environmental costs of bottling water in glass or plastic and shipping it around the world when we have it already coming through the taps. Filter it if you want. I’ll pay extra for that!

I just made a double batch of my Fettuccini carbonara for my wife’s family. Oh boy was it good. There was the silence around the table that only comes when everybody is enjoying what they are eating.

There’s an article in the new york times today about parents who are rebelling against the traditional children’s menu’s in restaurants. They must have read my article They eat what we eat. I am looking forward to reading their article. I’ll get to it after we eat.

I bet she loved it nonetheless. It’s not every mother-in-law that has a son-in-law cook for her.

Just made Korean galbi for my mother-in-law. It didn’t have time to marinate and was worse off for the rush. Next time I will do it right.

Nice! Charlotte your Pate a Choux cream puffs just got a little sweeter. Monday may have been manic — but Sunday is going to be sweet. I can’t wait.

Hi Andrew,

Could also add a tiny amount of orange zest to the filling, if Diana and the girls feel like eating Bavarian chocolate-orange cream puffs.

Enjoy, ck

The LA Times reported today that food prices have jumped as much as 25% in the past year. The primary reasons given were higher fuel costs (it costs more to ship in asparagus from South America) and the increased costs of corn thanks to ethanol production for our cars.

But here’s the thing. I’m a regular at the farmer’ markets here in LA and I haven’t seen any price increases for fresh fruit and veg grown locally. And that is despite the freeze that strangled so many farmers.

So here another reason to shop local and eat fresh.

Tonight was a total punt. We got home late and had little in the fridge. My wife was reaching for the phone to order Chinese. But instead we pulled out some chicken thighs, fresh sugar snap peas, some firm tofu and some cold noodles and fried them all up with some olive oil, vinegar and soy sauce.

It was quick and easy. And not only was it better than take out, but it was pretty darn tasty.

I’m making Summer Flank steak tonight. Yippeee!

Love this people section!

Hi Andrew,

The Great Grub site looks great! I like the down-to-earth community feel that you and your partners have created.

The mille feuille photo that you’ve noticed is something that I made yesterday in pastry class. The topic we are covering at the moment is “puff pastry” :P

I see that Kwonberg has logged a heart-warming story about cooking for my big sis, which I think is so sweet. So thought it time for me to join the family and share some of my own culinary musings.

Please say “Hi” to Di and the girls for me.

Take care, Char

I knew I should have paid attention in French class. Thanks for correcting me before I posted the recipe.

Surely it is Moules Frites?

Mussels frit was a huge success. Recipe coming soon!

Here’s a picture of the recipe to come.

Tonight I am working on a mussel frit recipe. I am starting with a sweet white wine, shallots, onion, Italian parsley (maybe cilantro) and see where I progress. And french fries of course!

Any suggestions?

Hey Andrew, I just posted my Chipotles in Adobo Sauce.

love the picture!!! :>)

It’s been a rough morning and boy is my head splitting!