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Singapore Noodle

I tend to make this whenever I’m home on my own for lunch. It’s what I always seem to fancy and it’s quick and easy with not too much clearing up. Quantities below are approximate … [more]

Prawn carbonara

… A good glug of olive oil Juicy little prawns A touch of chili A squeeze of lemon Chopped fresh parsley Generous seasoning Italian spaghetti cooked to perfection Cream whisked with an egg yolk … [more]

Nasi Goreng

I’ve been trying to recreate the Nasi Goreng I had in Bali some 9 years ago and today I got pretty close. Nasi Goreng is an Indonesian fried rice with prawns (shrimp) and chicken. Well actually … [more]

Vegan Thai green curry

This is a vegan version of my Thai green curry. I started making this because I’d always liked the look of the dish in restaurants, but couldn’t eat it because I’m allergic to … [more]

Thai green curry (without coconut)

I’m allergic to to coconut, so I usually have to avoid this dish in restaurants, but one day I noticed a note on the bottom of the menu that said they could substitute soya milk for coconut … [more]

Fill-Ya'-Boots Chili

Publishing this goes against my belief a little. No, I’m not talking about the “my chili is a family secret” nonsense, I just don’t think you can make a great chili by … [more]

Ikea Spice Mill

I searched long and hard to find something to grind spices. I made a number of purchases, none of which worked out. The most dismal (and expensive) failure was an electric coffee grinder that, at the … [more]

Black barbecue sauce

There are so many variations on what can be called barbecue sauce, and so many of them are great. This one is pretty subtle with sweetness, edge and hint of smoke. Quantities are a guide. [more]

Whisky at SPA2007

This year’s SPA conference was another fine event (for those of a deep thinking technical persuasion like myself). It has become a bit of a tradition for participants to bring along a bottle of … [more]

Fragrant herb marinade for chicken

Chicken just cries out to be flavored. Don’t get me wrong, a well cooked chicken can be wonderfully succulent, tender, and tasty in its own right. But, perhaps more than any other meat, chicken … [more]