Prawn carbonara

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A good glug of olive oil
Juicy little prawns
A touch of chili
A squeeze of lemon
Chopped fresh parsley
Generous seasoning
Italian spaghetti cooked to perfection
Cream whisked with an egg yolk
Served immediately

How could it not work?… it just didn’t.

Re: Prawn carbonara

A bold effort and hats off to a cook willing to publicly acknowledge defeat. I fail plenty, but rarely own up to it. Like the time a good friend brought some beautiful steaks to our house and I managed to burn the life out of them. Or the time… oh I could go on for days. But we all have kitchen disasters and now that I owned up to one of mine I feel so much better.

As for your recipe - -I am guessing that the cream and the lemon didn’t mix well. The acid from the lemon is likely to curdle the cream.

Anyone else have a failure about which they are willing to dish?

Re: Prawn carbonara