Ikea Spice Mill

I searched long and hard to find something to grind spices. I made a number of purchases, none of which worked out. The most dismal (and expensive) failure was an electric coffee grinder that, at the press of a button, filled the air with a cloud of choking spice mix whilst producing little useful output in the pot.

This little sucker, on the other hand, just works! It is cheap, simple, and has a great feel when in use.

And a tip: to clean it just grind through some salt.

Re: Ikea Spice Mill

I’ve used this spice grinder and it is very convenient. Best of all it stores in a pull out drawer.

p.s.- I love the image of a dust filled kitchen. I suspect you used a burr grinder. Great for coffee, and apparently not so great for pepper!

Re: Ikea Spice Mill

The IKEA 365 spice mill is really good, too. Useful for grind able salt, nutmeg, pepper, etc. It’s dishwasher-safe and the earthenware parts last a long time.

Re: Ikea Spice Mill