The David Lawrence

This is a variation on any number of lemon and ginger beer-based summer drinks, but it’s become my absolute favorite warm-weather cocktail. For this I blame my friend David. He first made it for my wife and I when we were spending the weekend with his family in upstate new York and could freely enjoy tumbler after tumbler without worrying about driving home. If you’re pool-side, it’s acceptable to start drinking this around 2pm in the afternoon or, if you need further reason, as soon as the barbecue is lit.


  • 2oz ginger-infused vodka (see What you should know, below)
  • juice of half a lemon
  • ginger beer
  • ice


  • tumbler


  1. Fill tumbler with ice and squeeze half a lemon over the ice.
  2. Add vodka and top off tumbler with ginger beer.

What you should know

The grill, or any open flame, is essential for making the ginger vodka. Before the spring thaw, buy a 1.5L bottle of vodka and a large piece of ginger. Cut the ginger into ⅛in slices and grill over open flame until char spots appear. Wait until slices cool, then add to the bottle of vodka. If you’re going to have a number of guests over the summer, make a few bottles and then store them in the cupboard until needed. The char on the ginger will likely add some black flakes to the vodka.