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A well made cocktail can be the perfect start to the meal. Be it an excuse to kick off an afternoon brunch, invite your friends over for a happy hour get together, or a prelude to gourmet feast, GreatGrub has a variety of cocktail recipes from which to choose.

Gin Cocktails

Bitter Martini
Gin Martini (traditional)
Silver Gin Fizz
Gin and tonic
Gin Fizz
Meyer Lemon Gin Fizz
Gimlet (traditional)
Tom Collins (traditional)
Singapore Sling (original)

Featured Story

The Rise and Fall of the Martini
There is perhaps no other cocktail that is better known, or less known, then the Martini. Talk with any patron at the bar about what a Martini is, and you most likely will receive a variety of responses, and sometimes a fight … more

Vodka Cocktails

Vodka Martini
Sake Vodka Martini
Vanilla/Lime Martini
Uptown Cosmopolitan
Cosmopolitan Cocktail (basic)
Bloody Mary
Black-Eyed Susan Cocktail
Harvey Wallbanger
White Carnation Cocktail Recipe
Black Russian
Madras Vodka Cranberry Cocktail
Caesar clamato cocktail
Sex on the beach
The David Lawrence
The Lucky Jim
Lemon Drop
Mexican Caesar Cocktail

Featured Recipe

Metrosexual Martini
Although James Bond would never order this metrosexual martini, there are plenty of John Dorian types who consider this to be a man’s drink. I think Dorian is a pretty funny guy, and every once in a while I prepare this in the privacy of my own home … more


Simple margarita
3-2-1 Margarita
Uptown Margarita
Banana Margarita
Honeydew Margarita
Strawberry Margarita
Mohala Mango Maragrita
The Definitive Margarita
Margarita (easy master recipe)
Chimayó Cocktail
Sparkling Chimayó Cocktail
Chilled añejo
The Mexican Currant
Patrón Añejo Tequila

Featured Recipe

Scurvy Surprise
“What the hell do the British know about margaritas?” That was my first thought when my Welsh born brother-in-law offered to make the margaritas for my daughter’s second birthday party. Apparently, they know a lot more than I realized; they don’t call them limeys for nothing, now do they? … more

Rum Cocktails

T.L.A.R. Mojito
Piña Colada
Cuban Peach
Black-Eyed Susan Cocktail
Rigermortis Halloween Cocktail
Between the Sheets Cocktail
Cable Car
Planter’s Punch (original)
Mai tai
Bishop on the Rocks - Christmas
Christmas Bowl of Bishop

Featured Recipe

Macho Meltdown
Real men may not drink Piña Coladas — at least not in public. There is something about this creamy concoction that simply can’t be dismissed as another frilly sweet drink. So when the thermostat shoots up high, suck up your insecurities, and …more

Whiskey/Burbon Cocktails

Whiskey Sour
Traditional whiskey sour cocktail
Buster Brown whiskey sour
Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail
Mint Julep
Belmont Breeze Cocktail

Featured Recipe

Sophistication Restoration
Once an elegant and sophisticated cocktail filled with the aura or romance, the drink has been lowered to the level of gutter swill comprised of sweet and sour mix and a garishly sweet cherry. This recipe is designed to help restore the lovely lady back to grandeur she well deserves …more

Brandy Cocktails

Meyer Lemon Sidecar
Sidecar (sweet)
Sidecar (traditional)
Brandy Alexander (traditional)
Betsy Ross Cocktail
Cuban Peach
Hot toddy
Fluffy Duck
Between the Sheets Cocktail
Prince of Wales Cocktail

Featured Recipe

Sweet & Sour No No
If you’re stubborn and you try to order this at a bar (and believe me, I’ve tried!), insist on fresh lemon juice. And if the bartender’s hand comes even close to a bottle of sweet and sour mix … more

More Cocktails

Caipirinha Cocktail
Mandarin and Honey Caipirinha
Bellini cocktail
San Valentino
Pimm’s Number 1 Cup
Black Velvet
Dizzy Blonde Cocktail
Mulled wine
Shirley Temple
Champagne-Chambord Cocktail

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Cocktail Art

Cocktail Stories

Shaken or Stirred
James Bond, that debonair and worldly English secret agent that always seems to know far to much about far too many things always orders his Martini’s “…shaken, not stirred.” I’m sorry Mr. Bond. But you’re not providing a good example for budding cocktail enthusiasts. A Martini, and in fact any clear cocktail, is properly prepared by … more

Thinking of Drinking
Noah got drunk first. At least, that is what the Book says. It says he grew grapevine on the slopes of the Ararat Mountain, started a vineyard, made wine, he was inoffensive, just, respected. Then he got drunk, his sons saw him naked, ridiculed him. They disgraced him because … more

Cocktail Origins
As another story has it, the term came into use at a bar in an American harbor; the owner had a large ceramic container in the form of a rooster (cock). Every evening, the leftovers from drinks served were poured into this cock. Less economically fortunate guests could for a cheap price get a drink from this cock, served from a tap at the tail … more

Spiritual dogma
These days any bartender in any bar who can put some ice in a glass and throw in a mixer with abandon gets to call themselves a maker of cocktails. Pity the customer who seeks a quality drink … more

Cocktail Anxiety “What’ya Have?” When sitting at the bar of a cocktail lounge, do those words cause you to temporarily freeze up? Do you quickly try to recall a drink, any drink, that you can order up and not appear to be a total neophyte to the bartender? more

Cocktail Nation
The origins of the term “cocktail” may be lost to the ravages of time, but few will argue that the cocktail came into its own in America. But before those of you who are American begin to feel too smug, Americans have lost the true art of the cocktail … more

The Bitter Truth - a Cocktail Test
Starting in the early 1800’s, bitters flourished under the guise of being a medicinal elixir, the fact that they usually consisted of a fairly high alcohol content did not appear to hurt their popularity in the slightest. Bartenders soon began using several of these bitters to add a distinctive character to the beverages they … more

The Rise and Fall of the Martini
There is perhaps no other cocktail that is better known, or less known, then the Martini. Talk with any patron at the bar about what a Martini is, and you most likely will receive a variety of responses, and sometimes a fight. The confusion is not helped any by cocktail lounges that produce “Martini Menus” … more

My Formative Years - a Cocktail Chef Eventually, I found myself old enough to go into cocktail bars. Having had a well rounded college background behind me, I knew the names of “Harvey Wallbanger”, “Sex On The Beach”, “Orgasm”, “Screwdriver”, Margarita, “Smith And Kerns”, and there was also this drink called a Martini that nobody really ever ordered … more


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Cocktail Talk

Join the Conversation My hands down all time favorite cocktail is the Meyer Lemon Sidecar. My highball is raised high in honor of JC Wilson who wrote that delightful recipe. It changed my life for the better. Woe is me, however, for this delicious treat with a hint of bubble gum is seasonal. I find myself wandering the farmer’s markets searching in vain for the bitter sweet fruit when it is out of season. Plain Jane sidecars simply won’t due. So while I wait for my precious lemons to reappear, won’t you share with me you’re favorite cocktail? more

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