Lemon Drop

Here is my variation on the lemon drop cocktail. It’s simple, fun and great for parties. Serve in a martini glass. [more]

Rigermortis Halloween Cocktail

A Drink to Die For The Rigermortis is a good, “stiff” drink that has the power to lay you out, stone cold, on the floor. (Well, it will if you drink too much of this delicious milkshake-like … [more]

Harvey Wallbanger

Rumor has it that this cocktail is named after a drunken surfer circa 1950 who after wiping out of the big surf competition, drowned his sorrows with in this screwdriver with the addition of Galliano … [more]

Madras Vodka Cranberry Cocktail

This is a great drink that always reminds me of summer. In fact, it looks like a memorable sunset. [more]

Vanilla/Lime Martini

This is a variation of a Key lime Martini. I like this one with the vanilla infused vodka and no milk based product often found in some Key Lime Martinis. [more]


Mixed properly this makes a nice green cocktail, like the name implies. [more]

Heirloom Bloody Mary

To be honest with you I have never been a huge fan of the Bloody Mary but I loved the look of it so I started experimenting with the drink and I finally came up with one that I love!! I have made it … [more]

Black-Eyed Susan Cocktail

This is the traditional drink of the Preakness stakes. This is served at the Pimlico race track. It is the drink of choice for the Black-Eyed Susan and Preakness Stakes. [more]

White Carnation Cocktail Recipe

This was the traditional drink of the Belmont, as served up until 1997. It was replaced in 1998 by the Belmont Breeze . [more]

The Uptown Cosmopolitan

Here’s a cosmopolitan for special occasions where only the finest ingredients and formal presentation will suffice. I don’t specify a vodka because there are so many wonderful choices. It … [more]

Cosmopolitan Cocktail (basic)

This is a popular drink to start almost any occassion. [more]

Sake Vodka Martini

I was first introduced to this incredible libation at a sushi restaurant in Boston. Rather than vermouth, the bartender substituted sake and instead of olives, a thin slice of cucumber was floating … [more]

Caesar clamato cocktail

Don’t dismiss this Canadian pick-me-up as a Bloody Mary with clam juice. Okay… Okay… Maybe it is just a Bloody Mary with clam juice. But it’s so much more! Originally, this drink was a true … [more]

Black Russian

This drink reached its height of popularity in the 1950’s. It is still a popular after-dinner drink. [more]

Vodka Martini

Similar to its cousin, the gin martini but with vodka and is shaken. I find it is the ideal cocktail to cap the end of long week and kick off a leisurely weekend. [more]

Bloody Mary

There is nothing quite like a Bloody Mary the morning after the night before or, indeed, on any morning. My favourite occasion for a Bloody Mary is Christmas morning. I find it takes the edge off the … [more]

Sex on the beach

This is a silly name for a sweet cocktail. I like to serve this at parties as it tastes good and gets the conversation flowing. [more]

The Lucky Jim

Another gem from the Amis book “On Drink,” this one takes its name from the title of his tale of an undeservedly fortunate university lecturer. As in all of Amis’ recipes, he … [more]

The David Lawrence

This is a variation on any number of lemon and ginger beer-based summer drinks, but it’s become my absolute favorite warm-weather cocktail. For this I blame my friend David. He first made it … [more]

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