GreatGrub Market Bags

Style at the farmer’s market?

GrubBag Double Sided Moose Gastro Gnome

It’s in the Bag with GreatGrub Market Bags! Now you can impress the bag boy as you answer “paper or plastic?” with “My 100% cotton, please!” And we have three delicious designs for you to choose from. If you love and support GreatGrub, you can buy the original GreatGrub logo market bag.

For the chocolate dessert lover, we offer the comical Chocolate Moose which compliments our delicious and easy chocolate mousse recipe.

And for those of you looking to have a “little” fun, check out our Gastro Gnome. Better yet, buy all three. With our versatile bags you can use them to carry books (cookbooks preferred) or a change of clothes for the gym or beach.

Double Sided Moose Gastro Gnome GrubBag

Live outside the US? Don’t worry! We ship internationally. Why not take advantage of the weak dollar and save money on your gifts!

Re: GreatGrub Market Bags

I love using canvas bags when I shop. We all know the bags are better for the environment, but I also love that the bags hold more items than traditional paper or plastic, and because I can carry them on my shoulder, I am able to carry more groceries at one time (fewer trips to the car).