Kitchen tool

#825 Star Tip

For decorating cupcakes, I recommend using a #825 star tip (eg, by Ateco or Wilton). You’d want to pipe the frosting in concentric circles on the top of the cupcake starting on the outer edge … [more]

GreatGrub Market Bags

Style at the farmer’s market? It’s in the Bag with GreatGrub Market Bags ! Now you can impress the bag boy as you answer “paper or plastic?” with “My 100% cotton, please!” And we … [more]

Frieling Stainless-Steel French Press

i LOVE my French Press. This press is brilliant because it keep the coffee very hot.I got it at a hotel in a Honolulu suburb where they serve French Press Kona every morning on the veranda - nothing … [more]

Ikea Spice Mill

I searched long and hard to find something to grind spices. I made a number of purchases, none of which worked out. The most dismal (and expensive) failure was an electric coffee grinder that, at the … [more]

Collapsible Colander

Not only are these colanders excellent for the storage impaired, but they have the added benefit of being completely non-stick. That they come in cool colors and look nice is certainly a bonus. They … [more]

Bamboo Steamer

I love this bamboo steamer. It’s great for steaming everything from fish to dumplings and loads of vegetables like asparagus and broccoli. Not only is it healthy but the true flavors are … [more]

Le Creuset French Ovens

A round oven is an indispensable tool for anybody who makes soups, stews, and roasts to name but a few. Le Creuset is the leader in the field and not just because these babies are so beautiful. These … [more]

The "Ultimate" Ice Cream Scoop

There are some of us that can’t wait for the ice cream to thaw and we struggle frantically to free the frozen morsel from their cardboard prisons. This tool takes care of the wait. As a former … [more]

Bodum® French Press

Forget about fancy drip coffee machines. They don’t come near the taste and fail to match the ease of use of the simple old fashioned French Press (cafitiere). The French press provides … [more]

Silpat baking mats

These mats are a required item for anyone who bakes. Not only do they turn any pan into a perfect grease-free non-stick surface, but they also help to distribute the heat evenly across the pan. That … [more]

Kitchen Aid Immersion Blender

If you make soups or mashed potatoes then you simply should not be without an immersion blender. Next to the serrated peeler , this is the best invention to hit the kitchen in recent years. … [more]

Oxo citrus juicer

This juicer plays a large roll in my kitchen. I use it for making all kinds of cocktails from Margaritas to Side Cars . It’s also great with recipes like my Summer Flank Steak as it makes … [more]

Oxo Serrated Peeler

This little beauty makes light work of carrots, potatoes, apples and more. It feels great in the hand, keeps its sharpness for ages and is easy to clean. Good in dishwashers too. [more]

InstaRead Thermometer

It surprises me how many homes today still are without thermometers. I carry this little fellow with me wherever I go and often whip it out to save a roast. The more expensive digital varieties work … [more]

Microplane Professional Series

To describe one of these as a grater is to describing the Mona Lisa as a painting. These are engineering masterpieces. No grater grates better than these - something to do with chemical etched … [more]

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