An away-from-home whisky experience

I want to get a debate going. It is a long time since I have added a story on Great Grub - so it’s about time!

Having recently flown to foreign parts (out of England), I made the obligatory visit to the duty free off-sales at the airport and purchased my whisky for the holiday.

A few days later, whilst sitting in the garden on a balmy evening in northern Israel, I savoured the Auchentoshan 18 I had just opened. With just a few drops of water, my glass burst forth with ripe citrus and toasted almond that seemed completely at home in the surroundings. The smooth and delicate taste of the malt, which I would expect from this whisky were present, and wonderfully blended with the company, the environment and my mood.

It got me wondering whether any other Great Grubbers have had similar experiences of their chosen malt away from home. Where were you and what were you drinking at the time.

I thought I might put together an article for Whisky Magazine (the UK’s primary fine malt journal) on the global away-from-home whisky experience. Maybe some photos would be a bonus too. How about it!

Let’s get some chat on the subject.

Re: An away-from-home whisky experience

I was dragged away to a health retreat some time ago. Alcohol was strictly forbidden. In fact, there was a great big sign at the entrance saying “No alcohol beyond this point”.

I had been told in advance that they were a bit militant about enforcing the ban (it might get in the way of finding your “chi” or whatever). So I bought some of those little plastic cosmetic bottles you get at Rite Aid for shampoo, soap and stuff. Instead of soap, I poured in some of my 16 year-old Lagavulin.

I swear it never tasted better than when I was sneaking a sip or two before my dinner of alfalfa shoots, pumpkin seeds and celery in tahini dressing.

Re: An away-from-home whisky experience

I wonder if the Lag 16 would taste as good back at home with the same food - my guess is not.

You must have felt a bit like the teenager sneaking a quick one from the parents drinks cabinet. I remember that well!

Thanks Scout

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