The London Whisky Show 2009

It’s high time I posted some more writing. Whisky time is here again! In fact, I am still reeling after the wonderful Saturday I have just spent at The Whisky Show at London’s ancient Guildhall.

A selection such as this, of high quality malts, can seldom be found in the same place and time together. What is more, I had the pleasure and privilege of sampling many of them. Over the next few days, I’ll put up some stories that will hopefully stimulate and excite you. Wherever you are in the world, Scotland will call you; get yourselves there in actuality or prepare yourself with bottle and glass - fine malt whiskies are getting even better.

I will not only share my experiences but will endeavour to bring some of the flavours to you. Tasting noted you can find on whisky websites, so you won’t get them from me. I will try to share my excitement and passion about the liquor that made my taste buds dance for joy. Indeed, forty-eight hours later they are still dancing.

Look out for more from me.

Don’t forget, I support a sensible drinking policy.

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