My Perfect Whisky

Let me beging where I left off last time The Glenlivet 1964 Cellar Collection - could there anywhere be a more perfect single malt? For me, an emphatic “No”!

Having shared a bottle three years ago with some friends, I decided then that nothing was so so complete an experience - an orgy of visual, olfactory and taste sensations that come together in pure whisky harmony. Maybe you think I’m exaggerating, but if you have tasted it, you know what I mean.

After maturing in the finest sherry and traditional oak casks, the 1964 Vintage has reached the peak of maturity, Each bottle encompasses The Glenlivet’s classic Speyside character with many layers of subtle complexity.

The nose offers a rich, fruity aroma with a hint of nuttiness and delicate oaky spiciness. To the taste there is a perfect balance of sugary plums and floral sensations, honeysuckle and heather in bloom. The finish is an ultimate experience, long and lingering with a warmth and tongue caressing, fruit and spice.

If you ever have the good fortune to sample The Glenlivet 1964, I defy you not to wax lyrically about it too.

At the Whisky Show last month, I was excited to find a bottle of the 1964 under the counter of The Glenlivet stand. Thanks to Ian Logan, who recognised in me a true Speyside (and particularly Glenlivet) lover and reached down to share some of the 64 with me.

I could spend time telling you about their “ultra-premium” dram too, which was the 1973 Cellar Collection; also wonderful but not holding a candle to the 64.

Please share with me stories about your favourite dram.

And don’t forget to drink sensibly.

I’ll post some more soon.