24 hour bread

Once upon a time someone told me that if I gave up bread I would lose weight. Why I listened to that dolt, I have no idea. Here is the recipe that brought me back to my senses. All you need is a … [more]

No-Knead Rustic Bread Recipe

This recipe is derived from Jim Lahey’s My Bread cookbook which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to make delicious and simple breads. The primary requirement for making this rustic round … [more]

Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

I could eat bucket fulls of this Louisiana favorite. There are lots of variations, including added raisins, pineapple, banana, coconut, and more. There’s a large list of sauces too. My favorite … [more]

Pumpkin Nut Bread

This recipe makes a moist loaf reminiscent of banana bread. But this bread has a warm mixture of pumpkin, spices, brown sugar, and molasses. [more]

Family Focaccia Bread

This recipe is easy to make. It takes two days to make. Auntie Char told me what to do and I did it. [more]

Banana-Strawberry Bread

This is a twist on the standard banana bread. The crumb on this bread is like a soft pound cake. I love eating this with cream cheese. This recipe makes 2 loaves. [more]

Kaiser roll

For over-stuffed sandwiches or hamburgers, these are the perfect rolls. Their crisp outside texture and soft interior will make them one of your favorites. This recipe will make 4 large (5-6 inches), … [more]

No Fail Basic Bread

This is the simplest recipe that turns out good bread time and time again…last time I made it my cute little niece was walking around the house eating a slice and there was no way you could … [more]

Paratha - Indian Flatbread

I like flatbreads and for that matter, any fresh made bread. This goes great with traditional curries and chutneys, but this is great for just about any meal. [more]

Irish Soda Bread (skillet)

This is a traditional bread from Ireland. Goes great with Corned beef and cabbage. [more]

A poem by Billy Collins

Billy Collins, former US Poet Laureate, shows us why we should be wary of comparing our lover to food and drink.—-Ted Litany You are the bread and the knife, The crystal goblet and the … [more]

Homemade Challah Bread

I have two version of this recipe. This is the version that is best if you have an electric mixer and some time to let the dough rise. [more]

Challah by hand

I have two versions of this challah recipe. This one you kneed with your hands which is my favorite way. Not only do I like it best, but it is also faster. Be warned that you need rapid rise yeast … [more]

Super Fast Prosciutto & Basil Flatbread

Too many dishes, and a truncated schedule equals a crazy off the wall experiement that turned out brilliantly. I’m 100% sure I’m not the only person to ever make it, this is just a super … [more]

Belwood Bakery

I think Belwood makes the best French baguettes — the kind that are light and airy, and go stale by the end of the day. I also love the ciabatta bread which is perfect for serving up panini. … [more]

Bay Cities Italian Deli and Bakery

This is an authentic italian deli, the only one I’ve found on the west side of LA. They make fresh italian bread on the premises — when you go, you can always pick up loaves that are hot … [more]

Pig around a Blanket

Most everybody has heard of “pigs in a blanket” but now the “pig” has got the upper hand! These rolls are great to eat on their own or with a warm winter meal. Makes a dozen. [more]

Slicing bread

A great tip for making a large number of sandwiches efficiently is to do the following: Place a loaf of bread in the freezer for 10 minutes (this makes it easier to slice). Remove the crusts to leave … [more]

Super Moist Banana Bread

At 12, when I was old enough to graduate from making jello desserts, banana bread was the first oven prepared dessert I attempted. Since then I have tried dozens of recipes, some cakey, some drier … [more]

Mindy's banana bread

What do you do with those last two over ripe bananas? Throw them away? Not anymore. With this recipe, that my friend Mindy gave me, I make yummy banana bread that we eat for breakfast or dessert or … [more]

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