Healing Chinese Chicken Soup

Growing up in a Chinese household, food was central to our lives. Food was not just to fill our tummies but to heal, lift our spirits and give reason to bring friends and family together. Traditional … [more]

Julia's thighs

I am more of a thighs man. You can keep your breasts. I tasted Julia’s thighs on Saturday night and I couldn’t get enough of them. Thankfully, she has agreed to let me share them with you … [more]

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

This is the recipe that I referenced in my Gotta Have Gumbo story. Like I said, this is a pretty vague recipe and I will give it to you as I got it, as well as adding what I changed. Here goes… … [more]

Chicken Florentine

This is a creamy, rich, flavorful chicken dish which is easy to make and easy to eat. I like to pair it with some egg-noodle linguini or other plain pasta. For best results, I marinate the chicken in … [more]

Coconut & Chicken Soup

This is a delicious soup that my wife taught me how to make. It is infused with the flavors of Thailand. It takes a while to make, but it is well worth the effort. [more]

Grandma’s Corn Flake Chicken (Revisited)

I say “revisited” because this is oven baked and a few revisions have been made. I use Dijon mustard instead of the bright yellow mustard that my grandmother used (she must have liked yellow, … [more]

Thanksgiving Turkey or Chicken

Hi guys! - I’m back from my travels, which means it’s time for some more recipe videos… Here’s one that gives you something different from the regular roast turkey, without … [more]

Chicken Egg Drop Soup

What’s the savvy cooks’ answer to the age old chicken and the egg question — both, together, forever and in perfect harmony! Simply serve them together and vex generations of … [more]

Arroz con Pollo (Chicken w/Rice)

My aunt, Elva del Alamo, used make this recipe for family gatherings. I remember that she used to love making this for us and we loved eating it. It was most delicious. Now I make it for my family. … [more]

Easy Dinner with Kids

This is more than a recipe: THIS IS A MENU . Most nights in my kitchen, I make meals that are quick! Under 30 minutes or I don’t do it, especially on week nights. Life is too busy with 3 young … [more]

Thai green curry (without coconut)

I’m allergic to to coconut, so I usually have to avoid this dish in restaurants, but one day I noticed a note on the bottom of the menu that said they could substitute soya milk for coconut … [more]

Tropical Curried Chicken Salad

This is a great fresh, tropical salad for brunch or light meal. The mixture of exotic fruits, curry, and a touch of honey make this a salad to remember. This will make about 4 servings. [more]

My Mother's Chicken Strips in Wine

This was my favorite meal when I was growing up. My mother still makes it on special occasions. When Doug was born, she made it at my house, and made enough to put in the freezer so I didn’t … [more]

Balsamic Chicken

This is really easy and really delish, provided you have the time to let the chicken marinate. Prepare this the night before and you will have a easy dinner when you get home the next night. [more]

Chicken Hawaiian

This recipe was a favorite of my mother’s. [more]

Chicken Paprikas

My parents were both Hungarian and my mother was a great cook. This is one of her favorite Hungarian dishes to prepare. [more]

Lemon Basil Chicken

I totally forget the origins of this recipe other then someone in my family. I’d guess it came from a book, but it’s so simple and fast to make, once you’ve read it, you don’t … [more]

Classic Chicken in Vinegar

A classic, French country recipe. The braising of chicken in vinegar helps tenderize as well as providing a delicious tang. [more]

Arroz con pollo, Peruvian style

Arroz con Pollo, is one of my favorites dishes from my home country, Peru. I loved it so much that I learned how to make it very fast. My Grandmother was my inspiration in the kitchen. She used cook … [more]

Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki sauce

Ever the procrastinator in law school, I compiled a notebook with recipe clippings. My grades settled to the middle of the pack, but I graduated with one fantastic cookbook. I hope you enjoy this … [more]

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