Chocolate Marzipan Pocket Cookies

Here is a great cookie with a little surprise. Fun to have kids help with assembly. [more]

Oreo Cream Cheese Cookies

My sister, Kim, from Missouri (pronounced Misery) first sent me these two years ago for the holidays. She claimed they were so easy to make, and everyone gobbled them up! She was right! They are … [more]

Chocolate bread pudding

It was Halloween, and all through the McManigal house creatures were stirring: superheros, princesses, monsters and such. It was a cold and spooky night of t-o-t in the Palisades. After gathering our … [more]

Chocolate-mint crusted cheesecake w/dollop of cranberries

I remember a time when Thanksgiving weekend involved snow, skiing, crisp & garlicky turkey (that was moist), stuffing, cranberries, etc. and to finish it all off, the cranberry cheesecake with … [more]

"Contraband" brownie

The defining moment of our friendship was when Ruth slipped me “contraband” — a small ziplock that she neatly tucked into my hand outside the scope of anyones view. It contained the … [more]

Oatmeal Choc Chip and Cranberry Cookies

I’ve fed these to big kids and little kids alike…so far its been smiles and fighting for the last one on the plate with this recipe. People seem to enjoy them fresh out of the oven plain … [more]

Brownies for brownies

This rainy weekend in September provides my daughter - and me - with her first experience of Brownie camp. To help it all go with a swing, and to keep the Brown Owls happy, we were asked to send … [more]


The process of mixing in a small portion of a hot liquid to eggs, creams, or chocolates helps to avoid a drastic heat change that could otherwise cause eggs and creams to curdle and chocolate to form … [more]

Gooey Chocolate Puddings

This dessert can be prepared in advance and just left in the fridge until ready to cook. It is easy to make (I do it with my children) and absolutely delicious. It is best served with a small hole … [more]

Chocolate souffle

Believe it or not, I don’t often crave chocolate. I leave that particular craving to women. There are a number of theses why women hunger for the dark stuff, my favourite being this. Progesterone, … [more]

Chocolate sauce

This is a very simple recipe that makes about 340ml (12 fl oz). You can use this hot or cold (it should keep for around a week in the refrigerator). [more]

Reactive pans

Reactive pans are made from materials that chemically react with acidic foods. The reaction can cause the foods to absorb a metallic taste and also to discolor. Basically when reactive pans are … [more]

A friendship sealed with choco-love

Our Crestwood experience began in late October. Peyton was the last to begin mixed age ‘03. As I sat on the bench the first week, trying to look boring (as was suggested by Judi) I began to … [more]

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