Spiced Coconut Shrimp with Tangy Orange Dipping Sauce

I adapted this recipe that my chef friend, Chris, passed along to me.This has become one of my favorites. The spices counter balance the sweetness of the coconut. When this is dipped into the orange … [more]

Skillet seared scallops

Michael Palin famously stated in a Monty Python sketch, “All I ask of food is that it doesn’t harm me”. Let’s face it; in our over-anxious, cotton wool-lined, bacteria- rein homes it ain’t … [more]

Lobster Risotto

I am thinking about making a lobster risotto tonight for a special meal, but I am not sure how to cook the lobster. I was thinking about tossing the crustacean on the bbq, but then I thought about blanching those beauties in butter. [more]

Baby, it's cold outside crabmeat soup

My wife wooed me with this soup. But what with the soup’s ridiculous richness, I suppose she could have also been trying to kill me. I’ve always thought of crabs as something you eat at a … [more]

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