tomato sauce

Tomato sauce with sausage

Here is a simple dish for fresh tomato sauce with pasta made from whole tomatoes. It takes some time to simmer the sauce, but this process has the added benefit of making your home smell wonderful. … [more]

Tomato Sauce with Pasta

This is my go to comfort meal when tomatoes are in season. Frequently I will pick up bruised tomatoes on the cheap from the farmers at the market. I keep trying to make extra to store in the freezer … [more]

Pasta dinner

This pasta dinner with heirloom tomato sauce, baked cauliflower, and little gem salad is an easy dinner for a warm summer evening. [more]

Tomato sauce for pizza

Making a sauce for pizza is simple and fun. All you need is a few basic ingredients and a little time. [more]

Tomato sauce with Italian Sausage

There’s nothing more comforting than a good tomato sauce. Not only is this perfect for the GreatGrub style of pinch, touch, dash cooking, but also it is wide open to interpretation. I suspect … [more]

Tomatoes don't like iron

Don’t ask me why, but tomatoes don’t like iron or other reactive surfaces like aluminum or copper. Basically acidic foods absorb a metallic flavor and can discolor as well. So when … [more]

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