Mashpo Momo on the Go!

The bomb had been placed on a public bus which was passing by the United World Trade Center, a recently opened shopping mall in Kathmandu. Another bomb blast took place within a matter of minutes of … [more]

My First Shot at Becoming Vegetarian

A thump of approval …pain is joy…joy is pain…this mind is a strange thing The hook sunk into the soft flesh of the upper palate of the silvery fish – it writhed and jerked in pain. The line … [more]

The Veggie Mamas’ Dream

“They are poisoning the dogs !!! Hurry up !!!” the shouts tore through the serene and quiet grounds of the spiritual institution. A rush of robed youth and boys with shaven heads ran out towards … [more]

No Mashpo Momos!

We looked at each other and then again tried to pry apart the firmly frozen lump of 100 mashpo momos. There was no way of getting the momos apart without tearing off the skin and exposing the … [more]

Mashpo Momo with Sauce

We introduced the Veggie Mamas for the first time on 24-26th August 2007 at a women’s festival in Kathmandu. We also introduced our “signature” vegetarian dish – “mashpo momos”. “Mashpo … [more]

Losing a bit of compassion

I looked out of my window, attracted by some movements on the lawn behind my house. On a small grassy mound several metres away, there were two men, a young boy probably in his early teens and a … [more]

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