Potato Pancetta Parsley Parmesan Pizza

Favorite pizza toppings…potato, pancetta, parsley and parmesan…Can you say this five times in a row really fast?… [more]

Red Lentil Soup with Pancetta

I found some beautiful red lentils beans in Greek deli and simply couldn’t resist. The color was vivid red and they were cheap. This soup is delicious, quick and easy. Feel free to improvise. [more]

Carbonara alla Angela

Some years ago, I travelled to Northern Italy with my daughters (they were three at the time). We stayed in a wonderful, 15th century villa not far from Verona. It was my first time in Italy, and I … [more]

Fettuccini carbonara

Consider this Italian comfort food. It is the perfect dish for a rainy Sunday that’s got you feeling blah. It’s even better on a Murphy Monday when everything thing that could go wrong … [more]

Radicchio pancetta pizza

This recipe is best done with children. Its tastes incredible without them but it won’t be half as much fun. Granted it will take twice a long to generate twice the mess, but trust me it’s worth … [more]

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