Pate Brisee

Pate Brisee is a flaky, buttery dough that is used to make quiche, pie, galette, and tart shells. I made the mini-quiche shown at right by cutting rolled-out dough into small 1.5 inch fluted rounds, … [more]

Queer plum cake

It’s not queer, plum or cake, but it is really easy and really good. Dads who are afraid of the kitchen, this one is for you. The kids love making this one too. So, what’s with the name? … [more]

Skillet fried apples

This very ‘country’ dish is a family tradition. It is a sweet-tart and colorful addition to any meal. Great for using those tart apples that are delicious in cooked recipes, though any … [more]

Granny Smith apple

Description: Green, crisp and tart. Use: eating, baking Origin: Australia Americans love the Granny Smith. We bake it, sauce it, slice it, caramel it, juice it, but most of all, we like to simply … [more]

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