Coconut & Chicken Soup

This is a delicious soup that my wife taught me how to make. It is infused with the flavors of Thailand. It takes a while to make, but it is well worth the effort. [more]

Vegan Thai green curry

This is a vegan version of my Thai green curry. I started making this because I’d always liked the look of the dish in restaurants, but couldn’t eat it because I’m allergic to … [more]

Thai green curry (without coconut)

I’m allergic to to coconut, so I usually have to avoid this dish in restaurants, but one day I noticed a note on the bottom of the menu that said they could substitute soya milk for coconut … [more]

Kid's kokonut kitchen soup

Many moons ago, my husband and I ate at the same Thai restaurant week after week. I was inspired to create an easy Thai dish my kids could help me with, and one they like to eat. [more]

Thai Curried Salmon Soup

Curry paste and coconut cream enhances the flavor of this soup. You might have to go to specialty markets to find some of the ingredients, although, many upscale markets now carrying these … [more]


A close relative of ginger, galangal is an important and popular ingredient in the foods of Indonesia and Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand. The flavor is similar to ginger, but more flowery, … [more]

Everyday Thai Cooking: Quick and Easy Family Style Recipes

In Everyday Thai Cooking, Katie Chin—a chef hailed as the “Asian Rachel Ray” by her many fans—shares her recipe secrets along with tips, tools, and techniques that enable you to easily bring … [more]

Mango with Sticky Rice

I learned how to make mango with sticky rice when I was traveling around in Thailand this past December. It’s incredibly easy to make and tastes amazing! It’s always a big hit when I … [more]

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