Sour Margarita

This sour margarita recipe is simple and delicious. Provided you can remember 1-1-1 it is also easy to prepare. The key is using triple sec liqueur which provides just the right amount of sweetness. … [more]

T.L.A.R. Mojito

Our friend Tony loves to fly. And once he lands he mixes a fabulous mojito. He claims the secret comes from an old flying term known as T.L.A.R. which translates to “That Looks About … [more]

Lemon Lime and Grapefruit Cleanser

This stuff is gorgeous! I only made up the recipe a few days ago, so I hope there are no long term side effects like fingers dropping off…shouldn’t be….It really cleans grotty hands … [more]

Vanilla/Lime Martini

This is a variation of a Key lime Martini. I like this one with the vanilla infused vodka and no milk based product often found in some Key Lime Martinis. [more]

Uptown Margarita

I am a huge fan of the simple margarita so much so that over time I have evolved the recipe into a whole new kind of margarita — one that is as simple as it is elegant. This drink is built upon … [more]

Cosmopolitan Cocktail (basic)

This is a popular drink to start almost any occassion. [more]


There is nothing like a good mojito. A wonderful drink anytime fresh mint is available. [more]

Gin and tonic

This was not one of my preferred cocktails, but after a recent dinner party where g and t’s were served to one and all, I was converted. Everyone claims to know how to make a gin and tonic. I … [more]

Reactive pans

Reactive pans are made from materials that chemically react with acidic foods. The reaction can cause the foods to absorb a metallic taste and also to discolor. Basically when reactive pans are … [more]

Simple margarita

“What the hell do the British know about margaritas?” That was my first thought when my Welsh born brother-in-law offered to make the margaritas for my daughter’s second birthday party. … [more]

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