Oatmeal Choc Chip and Cranberry Cookies

I’ve fed these to big kids and little kids alike…so far its been smiles and fighting for the last one on the plate with this recipe. People seem to enjoy them fresh out of the oven plain … [more]

Cookie Sheets (insulated)

If you are using insulated cookie sheets (two sheets of aluminum with air pocket in-between), allow 1 to 2 minutes longer to bake. [more]

Grandma's molasses krinkles

Grandma always had these cookies in a Tupperware Ham Saver located conveniently at my level, in the lowest kitchen cabinets (you rule grandma!). I would stealthfully acquire the cookies, grab my red … [more]

Tired of flat cookies?

People ask me all the time why their cookies run flat when they bake them. The answer is easy. They are skipping a critical step which is to let the dough cool in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes … [more]

Design-your-own cookies

This recipe is so much fun! Every one enjoys them and marvels at how it could be done. The magic in this recipe is you can make almost any design your imagination lets you. For this year’s … [more]

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