Buster Brown whiskey sour

This is a really nice vairaiton on the traditional whiskey sour cocktail . [more]

Lemon Lime and Grapefruit Cleanser

This stuff is gorgeous! I only made up the recipe a few days ago, so I hope there are no long term side effects like fingers dropping off…shouldn’t be….It really cleans grotty hands … [more]

Chloe's lemonade

I love lemonade. My sister loves lemonade. Especially on a hot day. So I decided to try and make it one day. It turned out pretty good. [more]

Meyer Lemon Sidecar

If there is a classic cocktail that needs to be made at home, it’s this one. Proper measuring and a ripe Meyer lemon are a must. If you’re stubborn and you try to order this at a bar (and … [more]

Sidecar (sweet)

Here’s a drink that took me a delightful period of trial and error to master. Now purists such as David Embury insist that a sidecar should not be too sweet. I agree with that sentiment when … [more]

Sparkling lemonade recipe

Some like it bubbly, some like it not. By making a simple syrup with the lemon rind you are guaranteed to capture an intense lemon flavor that will take the edge of a hot summer afternoon. [more]

Reactive pans

Reactive pans are made from materials that chemically react with acidic foods. The reaction can cause the foods to absorb a metallic taste and also to discolor. Basically when reactive pans are … [more]

Hand-pounded lemon chicken

I learned this recipe from an Irish rock and roller. No, not that Irish rock and roller, but a musician who loves to cook. Tired of being on the road and hungry for an opportunity to get his hands … [more]

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