Guinness beer burger

I read an interesting article in The Guardian recently that examined all sorts of weird additions that can make a great “gourmet” burger. To be honest, I think the use of the word “gourmet” … [more]

The perfect hamburger

For years I searched for the perfect hamburger. I tried every filler and spice known to man, but time and time again the results were lackluster at best. Then like so many good things, the answer … [more]

The perfect hamburger: just add rain

It was a cloudy day in the farm valley and it had been raining since I had awakened. There was a magical air to the day, despite the dismal weather outside. I was a wee lad, and it was my birthday … [more]

Peter's burgers

I don’t really remember where the idea for this recipe came from. I was doing a barbecue one day (in the UK a barbecue is a bit of an event as we don’t get to do them that often) and … [more]

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