Alton Brown

Alton is the creator (and host) of TV’s Good Eats . He mixes science and humor to demystify everything about food and encourages us to break out the apron and get cooking. The founders of … [more]

L.W. McNutt Jr.

Although he did not invent the fruitcake, Bill McNutt’s claim to culinary fame is having made the cake ubiquitous. Along the way he managed to reinvigorate the mail order business introducing … [more]

Escoffier, George Auguste

Great chef of the early twentieth century and the father of modern cookery. He organized his kitchens by the brigade system, with each section run by a chef. [more]

Carême, Marie-Antoine

Famous nineteenth-century French chef, often considered the founder of classical cuisine (haute cuisine). Although an incomparable pastry cook, Carême was also famous for his sauces and soups. Born … [more]

David Embury

The author of The Fine Art of Mixing drinks. Originally published in 1948. The sage advice would be not to trust any bartender that does not have this bible under his counter. Although much has … [more]

Simon Hopkinson

British cook and cookbook author, most notable for the title “Roast Chicken and Other Stories.” [more]

Kingsley Amis

Author of “Lucky Jim” and countless other works, father of Martin Amis, and lover of drink. His 1972 book “On Drink” is sadly out of print. If you can find a copy you’ll see that its pages contain drinking wisdom, recipes and pithy yet useful general principles (i.e. [more]

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