Cooking Times (Turkey)

The charts below are approximate cooking times at 350F. Your times will vary because of ovens, altitude, and type of bird. Un-Stuffed Turkey Cooking Time (approximate) Weight Approximate Cooking Time …

Pots and Pans (general)

A good cooking pot or pan should distribute heat evenly and uniformily. There are two factors that contribute to a pan's ability to cook evenly: 1. Thickness of metal. A heavy-gauge pot cooks more …

High Altitude Cooking

At high altitudes, the barometric pressure is less and the boiling point of the liquid will be reached at a lower temperature. To check the temperature of the boiling point of water at your altitude, …

George Foreman grill

This grilling machine and the attendant advertising campaigns have made the retired boxer more famous than his pugilistic triumphs. Essentially a variation of a pannini maker, the George Foreman … [more]

Measure Calculator

Convert Cups, Tablespoons,Teaspoons, Milliliters function tempConvert (form) { inptIndex = form.inptList.selectedIndex; if (inptIndex == -1) { inptIndex=0; form.inptList.selectedIndex =0 } if …

Temperature Conversion Calculator (Fahrenheit/Celsius)

Convert between fahrenheit and celsius function CF(){ var c = document.convert.Celsius.value; document.convert.fahrenheit.value = 9*c/5 + 32; } function FC(){ var f = …

Temperature Conversions (Fahrenheit/Celsius)

Temperature conversions chart General Fahrenheit Celsius Water freezes (sea level) 32º 0º   40º 4.4º   50º 10º   60º 15.6º   70º …

Volume Measure Conversions (Metric)

Volume Measure Conversions (Metric) forward and back measure X multiplied factor = equals measure / divided factor = equals measure fluid dram 3.70 milliliters 3.70 fluid dram fluid dram .0037 liters …

Measurement and Equivalents (U.S.)

Measurement and Equivalents (U.S.) Liquid Measure Volume • Dash = A few drops • 1/2 teaspoons = 30 drops • 1 teaspoon = 1/3 tablespoon or 60 drops • 3 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon …


a small round ovenproof souffle dish used to serve individual sized portions. The word derives from the German word for fresh cream and was known as a little dish with cream. [more]

Bain marie

A bain marie is the French term for a double boiler. Interestingly, the term was originally used in alchemy, and was named after Moses’s sister. She was an alchemist. Not a [more]

Double boiler

A double boiler (also known as a bain marie ) is a utensil and a cooking technique. One container with food to be cooked is placed in another, larger pan containing water that is at the simmering … [more]

Non-reactive pan

A non-reactive pan is any pan that does not react with acidic foods. Reactive pans will alter the flavor of acidic foods and also discolor them.

Examples of non-reactive pans are: [more]

Highball glass

The shorter, more respectable sibling of the Collins glass, the straight-sided highball glass is used for hassle-free mixed drinks and light spirits. [more]

Cocktail glass

Long-stemmed glass with an inverted cone-shaped bowl. Used for more than just martinis. Also commonly called a martini glass. [more]

Bar kit

Every man and woman who makes cocktails at home has their own version of the bar kit, even if they haven’t given it the name — the favorite corkscrew, that shot glass from CancĂșn you use for measuring. As it is such a highly personal collection of implements, a proper kit will always be bespoke rather than one-size-fits-all. The list below, then, is a starting point rather than a shopping list and entirely based upon my martini-leaning inclinations. [more]

Silicone mat

Silicone mats are excellent for baking. They can make any baking sheet non-stick and help distribute the heat evenly. Better yet, you don’t need to butter your pan and they are reusable. When … [more]


A whisk is a kitchen utensil used to blend ingredients together. Most whisks have either a metal or wooden handle with wire loops attached. They can be divided into three categories: 1) Balloon Whisk … [more]


A wok is basically a round bottomed pan, although in recent times flat bottomed woks have become available. The wok is the cornerstone of the Chinese kitchen, being used to cook almost everything. … [more]

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