Pan-roasted fennel

When I first prepared this wonderful method of cooking fennel, I was gob-smacked. It is that good. I am not given to hyperbole, and I get irritated when recipes suggest that “this is … [more]

Carrot and coriander soup

It was an overcast weekend and there was a definite chill in the air. Andrew and I were hosting a dinner party and it needed to start with some soul-warming soup. At the farmers’ market we … [more]

Jacket sweet potato

I am willing to bet there won’t be a simpler recipe than this published anywhere. I am submitting it because, following a recent straw poll, too many people didn’t think they could cook a … [more]

Roast asparagus

I love the asparagus season in England. It only lasts a few weeks but during this time they taste especially wonderful. I never want to do too much with my asparagus. A little melted butter works … [more]

Harvest time vegetable stock

I’m a carnivore by nature. I’d have meat for dessert if only I could find a good recipe for pork flavored ice cream. But if a vegan were suddenly elected King and passed a decree that allowed … [more]


This green vegetable grows in a stalk, with florets on crown. [more]

Blanched okra

People who visit my kitchen often ask about the never-ending pot of boiling water. The answer lies in my belief in letting the food speak for itself. Just as I never trust a steakhouse that has to … [more]

Cold Vegetable Medley Salad

This recipe should be prepared 12-24 hours in advance and is served chilled. The Medley can be used as a side, but is also very good for snacking. It goes great with just about any meal and has … [more]

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