Spanish Gazpacho

I have seen many variations of this recipe. I like the authentic taste of this recipe. From the smokey heat of the Spanish paprika to the cool, fresh palate of cucumbers and tomatoes. Serves about 6. … [more]

Cucumbers In Brine Soup (POLISH)

It is an amazing polish soup , largely unknown in the West United States. [more]

Cucumber dip

I always thought that my mother plucked this dip from a 1980s suburban ladies’ home magazine, but she recently told me I had no idea what I was talking about. “Hey, my cucumber recipe … [more]

The Lucky Jim

Another gem from the Amis book “On Drink,” this one takes its name from the title of his tale of an undeservedly fortunate university lecturer. As in all of Amis’ recipes, he … [more]

Shopska salad

This salad has one of the highest ease-to-satisfaction ratios of anything I’ve ever prepared. Critics may point to all the chopping that’s involved. To them I simply say: Cut larger … [more]

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