Melt in your mouth mini-brownies !!

BAKED GOOD sells indulgent mouthfuls of ‘melt in your mouth’ brownies. Did you know why “mini” snacks are so successful ? It is so you eat more of them. With these raspberry … [more]

The Famous Brighton Chocolate Brownies

I ran a sandwich round during my time at university and the most popular thing on the menu were the Chocolate Brownies….not just any brownies, people used to literally fight their way to the … [more]

Fudgy toffee brownies

These brownies have helped me to win friends and influcence people. Just ask any of my friends. Also, it might seem like a lot of steps but these are really easy and maybe the best brownies ever! [more]

"Contraband" brownie

The defining moment of our friendship was when Ruth slipped me “contraband” — a small ziplock that she neatly tucked into my hand outside the scope of anyones view. It contained the … [more]


The name “brownies” first appeared in the 1896 Boston Cooking School Cookbook, where it describes molasses cakes baked in small tins. The first known recipe for brownies was published in … [more]

A friendship sealed with choco-love

Our Crestwood experience began in late October. Peyton was the last to begin mixed age ‘03. As I sat on the bench the first week, trying to look boring (as was suggested by Judi) I began to … [more]


Help! How the hell do I stop my brownies burning on top and not cooking underneath? My kids are threatening to leave home unless I sort this out. [more]

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