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Lebanese Bread

I love good hummus and contrary to David’s opinion (see his recipe “ Posh humous” ) fresh hummus is better than store bought and you get a better deal than those over-priced tuna … [more]

East-West Apple Avocado Salsa

Talking to my brother-in-law in California, we were comparing notes about what was in season at the farmers markets on our respective coasts. The east coast is seeing the fall line-up: squashes, … [more]

Avocado dip

This is my mum’s recipe for guacamole. It’s not really like any other guacamole I’ve had, so I thought I would rename it. [more]

Korean chap jae

Chap jae is a fairly simple and versatile dish that most people find delicious, even if they don’t like other more fragrant korean dishes such as kim chee. You can make it without meat, if … [more]

Korean galbi

I learned this from my mother-in-law and if you haven’t tasted Korean BBQ, all you need to know is that it rocks! My wife thinks that I married her for her brains and her inner-beauty, but the deep … [more]

Pigs in a blanket

The eighties weren’t kind to comfort food. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but about the same time as when I started dating girls pigs in a blanket went out of style. Maybe it was the … [more]

Tuna tapenade

I first tasted this at my good friend Rachel’s house and almost died. At least that’s the way I felt. I had recently bitten my tongue and the lemon’s acid aggravated the wound. Maybe it was the … [more]

Snyder’s crabcakes

Years ago I asked my sister’s fiancé if he had a good recipe for crabcakes. Not only had he grown up in and around Baltimore, which is arguably the home of the crabcake, but also he had trained as … [more]

Chopped liver

This has to be the simplest recipe and yet it has such a good solid taste. Some people add red wine but that takes away the ‘heimish’ element and turns chopped liver into pate de volaille . [more]


This dish is as simple as it is delicious. It’s so damn good that a friend whose in-laws are avocado farmers asked for the recipe. That’s no small deal as her in-laws are very proud of their … [more]

Buttermilk honey fried chicken

I had a choice. It was my wife’s birthday and she made it clear. I could buy her some expensive baubles or I could buy her a deep fryer. She knows me well. I may be stubborn, but I am cheaper than … [more]

Help planning a party for 75 people

Help. I have been asked to plan and prepare for a party for 75 people. Can anyone tell me the total weight of food per person. I do not know how to estimate how much to prepare for so many people. My thoughts for a menu are: [more]

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