Chocolate (Bittersweet) recipe

There are two ways for creating bittersweet chocolate. 1) For 1 oz mix: ½ oz unsweetened chocolate 1 Tbsp granulated sugar. 2) For 1 oz mix: 3 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder 1 Tbsp granulated … [more]

Create your own Dark Brown Sugar

If a recipe calls for brown sugar but you have none, then create your own. For each cup of dark brown sugar required mix: 1 cup granulated sugar 2-3 Tbsp molasses [more]

Confectioner’s Sugar recipe

Creating your own confectioner’s sugar is simple. All you need is some standard granulated sugar, cornstarch and a food processor. For each cup needed: ½ cup plus 1 ½ Tbsp granulated … [more]

Vanilla Sugar

Do you want to make sugar taste even better? Then grind up one vanilla bean with approximately ½ cup of sugar. Vanilla sugar keeps for ages and goes great with coffee , French toast, as a … [more]


Sucanat is an organic sugar that is made from dehydrated freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. It is widely available in good organic produce stores (such as Whole Foods). Sucanat can be substituted for … [more]

Demerara sugar

Demerara sugar is a pale-colored, mild-tasting raw sugar, named after its place of origin - Demerara in Guyana. Raw brown sugar is a perfectly adequate substitute. [more]

Caster sugar

Caster sugar — also spelled “castor” — is the British term for superfine sugar. Whether British, US, or otherwise, caster and superfine are used when the sugar needs to … [more]

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