French onion soup

I like this soup, and particularly the onions because when they are cooked in the butter they are fondant and sweet. My mother made this recipe when I was younger but not very often because my sister … [more]

Cutting Onions

When cutting onions it is always best to cut through the stem instead of slicing it off. That unsightly stem holds the layers of the onion together and makes for easier cutting. Also, it is a good … [more]

Cold Onions

To help keep away the tears, store your onions in the refrigerator. When it’s time to cut you are less likely to cry. Another tip, though it seems silly, it works. While chopping, say “we … [more]

Corn Dogs & Collars

It’s party season and this is one of my favorite which can be served in many ways. Nothing like these “dogs” for football games or “pups” for a nice buffet. [more]

Cheesy Courgette Soup

2006 was a wonderful summer in London for growing our own fruit and veg, except that, with a hose-pipe ban and temperatures in the 30s (celsius), watering was a bit of a nightmare. Never the less, we … [more]

A candle for an onion

At the produce section in a supermarket yesterday, an apparently kind and helpful woman asked me if I knew that burning a candle in close proximity to where I am slicing onions will prevent tears (something about the flame burning off the fumes that cause us to cry). Can anyone substantiate this? [more]

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