Meyer Lemon

Meyer lemons are a sweet cross-breed of lemon and Mandarin orange. They are extremely fragrant. Native to China they were brought to the United States in 1908 by the agricultural explorer Frank … [more]


Sacristains are a small biscuit made from a stick of twisted puff pastry. These biscuit ares traditionally served with an assortment of biscuits with tea. Often they are sprinkled slivered almonds. [more]


Spatchcocked : A method of preparing small fowl which involves removing the backbone so that the bird may be spread open and flattened for cooking. As a verb, to prepare a small fowl as in 1, above. … [more]


Kleftiko is a typical dish for every single celebration. It is a piece of lamb or goat wrapped in foil and baked in special ovens, that in any case must be closed airtight, until the Kleftiko will be … [more]


Sangrita or “little bloody thing” (not to be confused with Sangria) is a traditional Mexican chaser to tequila. This fiery combination of citrus and chili sauce is the traditional rooted … [more]

Saltine crackers

Saltine crackers are generic term in the United States for soda crackers. The term was originally trademarked by Nabisco who lost the trademark status after the word became so common as to be … [more]


There are basically three types of meringues: French: sugar is gradually sprinkled over egg whites as they are beaten. Italian: sugar is dissolved to a 120°C syrup and then slowly drizzled into … [more]


A glass bottle or jar, often with a spout, for serving liquid condiments such as vinegar or oil. [more]


Also spelled “pareve” this means that food contains neither meat nor dairy products. Therefore a dish marked “parve” is suitable for Jewish people who keep kosher to eat with … [more]


This is a form of clarified butter often found in Middle Eastern and Indian food. Originally made with buffalo milk, today it is often made with regular butter. Having a high smoke-point, it is great … [more]


A tropical fruit that is native to North America with a flavor that is reminiscent of banana and pear. It has a smooth yellowish skin and a juicy flesh with numerous seeds. [more]


Invented in Italy in the 1970’s, Tiramisu is an airy melange of sponge cake soaked in liqueur and coffee and layered with mascarpone cream and topped with grated chocolate. The literal … [more]


To crush or mash ingredients with a muddler, traditionally a wooden rod with flattened end, or spoon. It crushes ingredients to release oils, such as mint, and flavors, as in citrus. [more]


Racks, usually ribs, that have had the fat and sinew removed from the bones, just above the eye of the meat. [more]

Self-Rising Flour

Self rising flour is an all-purpose flour blend of high gluten hard wheat and a low gluten soft wheat with baking powder and salt added. If you don’t have self-rising flour, you can make your own. … [more]

Acidulated water

This is water in which an acid (i.e, lemon juice or white wine, vinegar) has been added. It is used to prevent browning of some cut fruits and vegetables. To make: for each quart of water, add 1 … [more]


Almond paste is also know as Marzipan and can usually be found in the baking section of your local store. Marzipan is used in making cakes and pastries and is often used as a base for making icing. … [more]

Humble pie

The origin of Humble Pie comes from the word umbles which refers to the inferior parts of, typically, a cow or deer (heart, liver, offal, etc). These parts were often used by the lower classes, mixed … [more]


Broth is a liquid in which meat, fish, cereal grains, or vegetables have been simmered and strained out. Broth is used as a basis for other edible liquids such as soup, gravy, or sauce. It can be … [more]

Smoke Curing

Curing by smoke is a means of preserving foods and enhancing the flavors and is generally done one of two ways. In the first method, cold-smoking the food is exposed to smoke at temperatures between … [more]

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