Mini chocolate banana muffins

Seriously. I’m the laziest cook on the planet and have gotten pretty good at finding really easy recipes that get raves. Jugding by how quickly these muffins would disappear at board meetings … [more]

Sweet cinnamon butter toast

I can still remember as a child waking up to the aroma of toast fried to a crisp in butter. A generous sprinkle of sugar and a good dusting of cinnamon completed it. Sweet and crunchy, my siblings … [more]

Low fat raspberry cream cheese muffins

These muffins are a delicious addition to breakfast or brunch, or as a tasty snack after school. The cream cheese gives the muffins a more gooey, moist texture that will keep you coming back for more … [more]

Boiled egg and soldiers

Few things are more comforting than dipping liberally-buttered slices of toast into a soft-boiled egg (and then cleaning yolk spots from your suit trousers at the office later that day). All the … [more]

Thanksgiving porridge

Sometimes it is OK to indulge yourself… just as long as it is not too often. I would suggest that this is a twice-a-year indulgence (unless you have bionic arteries). It is a perfect way to … [more]

Smoked salmon egg special

OK, so it’s a lousy title, but don’t be put off. This is special. It is the kind of thing you are unlikely to make for yourself but definitely something for a loved one whom you want to … [more]

Sour cream pancakes

My father-in-law grew up eating sour cream pancakes every weekend, and continues the tradition to this day. Every weekend in summer you can find him in the kitchen of his East Hampton country house … [more]

Chief's cooked cheerios

When I was a child my grandfather used to make these cooked Cheerios for me for breakfast. He was not very domesticated, and I think this was the only recipe he knew how to make. As far as I know he … [more]

Eggs over easy on English muffin

Here’s a recipe for the beginners out there who want to create a good but simple breakfast. [more]

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