Singapore Noodle

I tend to make this whenever I’m home on my own for lunch. It’s what I always seem to fancy and it’s quick and easy with not too much clearing up. Quantities below are approximate … [more]


This is another favorite Japanese restaurant of mine where you can get freshly made soba and udon noodles — hot or cold. Their menu boasts a bounty of delicious appetizers including stir fried … [more]

Instant noodles for grown-ups

Believe it or not, I am typing up this recipe as Angela cooks it. I wanted it to be from the horse’s mouth (if you get my drift). This dish is one of our favourtie quickies. It’s the kind … [more]


I recently had the pleasure of dining with a lovely woman of Vietnamese origin. She entertained us with culinary tales from home that were so evocative, I longed to get on the first plane East. I was … [more]

Korean chap jae

Chap jae is a fairly simple and versatile dish that most people find delicious, even if they don’t like other more fragrant korean dishes such as kim chee. You can make it without meat, if … [more]

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