Chipotle Aioli

I make this to go with the great Cuban sandwiche recipe. On reflection, this chipotle aioli adds zest to just about everything so is worthy of its own page! Try it with steaks, eggs, sturdy … [more]

Muhammara: hot pepper dip

I think it’s important to choose your friends well. My father taught me from a young age that you need to look for certain qualities in friends: honesty, integrity, sense of humor, … [more]

Chipotle Chili

Chipotle chili is a smoked jalapeno chili. This chili is known for its earthy spiciness and almost chocolaty flavor. It is a key ingredient in Mexican cuisine with close to one-fifth of the national … [more]

Jose jr’s ribs

Growing up in a kosher household, pork ribs were strictly off limits, except when eating at a Chinese restaurant. I don’t know why, but somehow a gathering of Talmudic Scholars had arranged a … [more]

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