Feta cheese and balsamic glazed onion omelet

This morning I paid tribute to our local, cosmopolitan cuisine in an off-the-cuff omelette that was part Greek, a dash of Italian, a hint of Mexican and, above all, a good dose of GreatGrub. [more]

Poached Egg - a reliable recipe!

Eggs - simple, really. Boiled (and if you can’t boil an egg, you won’t get a lot out of what follows), scrambled (harder than they look, but hey), fried (mmm), omelettes (and there’s an art to … [more]

Egg Quesadilla

Here’s a breakfast variation of the delicious Carmen’s quesadillas . The fluffy egg makes a delightful filling to go with the crispy shell. My wife and I love this as much as the kids. [more]

Layered frittata

I’ve been playing with idea of layering a breakfast frittata and have been enjoying every experimental bite. Here’s my recipe and I encourage you to improvise and make this recipe your … [more]

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon

My daughters LOVE eggs. And they both can eat ridiculous amounts of salmon. Thus, this recipe is the perfect meal for them. The sweetness of the tomatoes are a good balance to the salty salmon, and … [more]

Tomato and Mozerella Omelette

Here’s a simple and tasty omelet that is perfect for a Sunday brunch or any lazy morning spent reading the paper with classical music wafting in the background. I highly recomend enjoying this … [more]

Four Minute Egg

A soft boiled egg is perfect when the white is cooked, the yolk is runny, and it is served with strips of buttered toast for dunking. My kids can’t seem to get enough of this breakfast treat. [more]


My son, David, is an innovative cook. Maybe he got it all from me through his late grandmother. [more]

Creamy scrambled eggs

During regular weekend visits to the countryside, my daughter discovered the pleasure of fresh, ‘homegrown’, organic, free-range, old-fashioned tasting eggs. She’d run out to the henhouse every … [more]

Eggs (poaching)

To make poached eggs sweet and tender, poach in milk. [more]

Baker's Creed

The bakers’ creed says that ingredients for baking should be at room temperature before mixing. This general rule of thumb applies to ingredients such as eggs, butter and dairy. Eggs … [more]

Easy Eggs Over Easy

Ever wonder how those short order cooks at the diner always serve up perfect eggs ‘over easy’? It’s not their flipping skills. The secret is to add a few drops of water to the pan … [more]

Boiled egg and soldiers

Few things are more comforting than dipping liberally-buttered slices of toast into a soft-boiled egg (and then cleaning yolk spots from your suit trousers at the office later that day). All the … [more]

Eggs (freshness)

To tell if an egg is fresh: place it in a bowl of cool, salted water. If it sinks, it’s fresh - if it floats, throw it out. [more]

Eggs (warming for baking)

If a recipe calls for eggs at room temperature and you are running short on time, simply place eggs in very warm (but not hot) water for 5 to 10 minutes. Room temperature is ideal for eggs used in … [more]

Smoked salmon egg special

OK, so it’s a lousy title, but don’t be put off. This is special. It is the kind of thing you are unlikely to make for yourself but definitely something for a loved one whom you want to … [more]

Egg for Sheila

England, early 1940. We haven’t yet experienced the bombing of our cities. Town children are sent away to the country where it is thought they will be safe from the inevitable onslaught from the … [more]

Eggs over easy on English muffin

Here’s a recipe for the beginners out there who want to create a good but simple breakfast. [more]

Egg yolks

Anyone have a recipe that uses egg yolks without the whites? Just made a batch of meringues and am left with 4 spare yokes. Shame to waste them. [more]

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