Chicken meatballs

This recipe is my attempt to replicate the yummy chicken meatballs I’ve had at several japanese restaurants. While I don’t think I’ve wholly succeeded, these seem to be a crowd … [more]

Falafel (quick)

This is a classic Middle Eastern meze. This goes great with warm pita or flat breads served with tomatoes, cucumbers and Lemon-Tahini sauce. [more]

Breaded Bocconcini Salad

There is nothing as simple and refreshing as Insalata Caprese . This is a basic variation with some more great ingredients added. I like adding semolina flour because it adds a little extra crunch. … [more]

Lebanese Bread

I love good hummus and contrary to David’s opinion (see his recipe “ Posh humous” ) fresh hummus is better than store bought and you get a better deal than those over-priced tuna … [more]

Chilled Peppered Pear Soup

I was reading this site about pepper and fruits , and remebered a soup I had made for a wine dinner. I dug through my old, food-stained chef notebooks and found it. I dedicate this one to Pete. [more]

Thai Curried Salmon Soup

Curry paste and coconut cream enhances the flavor of this soup. You might have to go to specialty markets to find some of the ingredients, although, many upscale markets now carrying these … [more]

Chilled melon soup

In the height of summer when melons are in season, I can’t think of a better way to honor this delectable then to totally annul it into a refreshing soup. This starter serves about 6. [more]

Homemade Chicken Soup

Growing up, this is the soup that my mother made for my siblings and me. It is a pure and rich broth, delicious with rice, pasta, asian noodles or matzoh balls. I make a big pot of this a few times a … [more]

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