Artichokes with mint and garlic

Your chokes are choking on steam! Let them drink wine, garlic and mint! Want to stop steaming your artichokes? Blow off some steam in just a few minutes, with this tasty side dish. Can be made with … [more]

Artichokes (cooking)

Artichokes can’t handle reactive cookware such as iron or aluminum. Unless your iron pot is enameled you should avoid using these types of pans as they will turn the artichokes an ugly … [more]

Artichokes (cutting)

You should only use stainless-steel knives and not carbon blades because the latter will darken and discolor flesh. [more]

Reactive pans

Reactive pans are made from materials that chemically react with acidic foods. The reaction can cause the foods to absorb a metallic taste and also to discolor. Basically when reactive pans are … [more]

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