Spinach and fennel soup

Here’s the thing… I wish I had a romantic story of how this soup came into our lives, but it is really just an accident that is a product of the ingredients I had bought at my local … [more]

Fennel and courgette soup

To me this soup is all about late September in England, that glorious time when the air is autumnal, the leaves are clinging on for dear life and the last whisper of summer does its best to warm the … [more]


Both the plant (stalks and leaves) and the seeds of this aromatic plant are used in cooking. The herb originates from the Mediterranean and is now widely cultivated throughout the world. And with … [more]

Pan-roasted fennel

When I first prepared this wonderful method of cooking fennel, I was gob-smacked. It is that good. I am not given to hyperbole, and I get irritated when recipes suggest that “this is … [more]

Fusilli with hot sausage and fennel

We have made this recipe many times, in fact, if you have been to our house for dinner, chances are you have had it. The kids don’t like it so spicy so I will substitute sweet italian sausage … [more]

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